RSE Chapter Würzburg

Welcome to Wue-RSE!

Welcome to the web page of the Würzburg Chapter of DE-RSE! We are an open group of people at the university of Würzburg who care about Software, Research and especially about Research Software. We strive to offer an equal platform for scientists of all fields in sharing their knowledge and experience with today’s computational tools.

We currently meet monthly within our established HackyHour format.

At present we focus geographically on the university of Würzburg, but people from any other part of the Franconias are welcome, too!

We are excited to hear about you and your ideas!

Discussion currently happens on our Discord channel: Please click this invite link to get the invite to the discord server.


HackyHour Würzburg

The HackyHour serves as our monthly meeting.

Why should you visit us?

  • If you want to talk about science in a social environment.
  • If you want to know how computational tools and code can improve your science
  • If you just want to drink a (virtual) beer: join us! We strive to be an open and inclusive community, everyone is welcome!

For the time being we meet virtually but usually we would meet in the CCTB.

Find more information about the next date at the HackyHour Website

Software Carpentry

We regularly do software carpentry workshops where we teach basic computational skills (unix bash, python, version control with git) for researchers. For past and future courses have a look at our github group but also make sure to check the official software carpentry pages.

Code development and optimization: harnessing the power of massively parallel computer architectures

We strive to help you unlock the computational potential of your code in today’s multi-platform computing environments.

If you want to know what code optimization can do for your code get in touch!

There’s also a website internal to the university here.

KONWIHR Basis project University of Würzburg – Monte Carlo simulations of topological quantum matter

The bavarian competence network for High Performance Computing (KONWIHR) has a number of regional basis projects and we are the Würzburg basis project with a focus on Monte Carlo techniques and its application to solid state physics. So if you have questions about KONWIHR or the big supercomputing centers in general, get in touch!

Also see our official description.

Data Management in ct.qmat

We are currently working on setting up collaborative data management solutions for the cluster of excellence ct.qmat. If you want to participate in our experiences, get in touch!

Data Management at the university of Würzburg

Do you have questions how to organize your data? Does a funder require you to have a data management plan or do you require feedback for your proposal related to data management? Are their ethical questions with regard to storing your data? These questions and a lot more can be answered by the university’s research data management department.


Monthly meeting to do collaborative, hands-on data analytics training. We strive to be an open and inclusive community, everyone is welcome! Further information here: DataDojo Würzburg