deRSE20 Goes Bazaar

Stephan Druskat, January 31, 2020

Have you read the essay “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”, by Eric S. Raymond about open source development? In it, Raymond argues that open-source development breaks down the mismatch and separation between different parties regarding mental models of a problem, in his example a software program. Opening the source for a solution of the problem, he further says, makes it “far easier for tester and developer to develop a shared representation grounded in the actual source code and to communicate effectively about it.”

Translated to open research, we see an analogy in open collaboration based on a common shared source of knowledge. Indeed, for deRSE20, we would like it to be far easier for presenters and audience to develop a shared representation grounded in common knowledge, and to communicate effectively about it. As a community conference, there has been a fairly large overlap of presenters and audience at deRSE19 already. This year, we’d like to push this even further, and encourage more, stronger, and earlier collaboration on the topics in research software you care about.

Therefore, we are happy to present the deRSE20 Topic Bazaar! What may sound fairly grand is in fact very simple: If you consider submitting a contribution to deRSE20, we would like you to look around to see if there are potential collaborators in the community, which you may not know about yet. To make it easy for you to find collaborators, we’ve set up a simple “pad” (a shared document on the web, written in Markdown and rendered simultaneously). In this pad, you can

We hope to see many fruitful collaborative contributions at deRSE20!

We encourage you use the topic bazaar especially if plan to submit a workshop proposal! Please don’t leave this until the last minute, as collaboration takes time.

The deRSE20 Topic Bazaar can be found at

The deRSE20 Call for Contributions opens on Monday, 03 February 2020.