Poster Session & Drinks Reception & Geo BoF

deRSE19 Organizers

After the posters have been presented in a session of lightning talks, we commence the poster session proper. Mixing (net)work(ing) & play, it coincides with the drinks reception, sponsored by Amazon Web Services. The Geo BoF event will also take place during the drinks reception, run by Daniel Nüst (University of Münster) and Martin Hammitzsch (GFZ Potsdam): “‘Geo’ is an important aspect in more and more scientific disciplines, tools and reasearch software. From remote sensing imagery to geotagged photos, geospatial and temporal properties are everywhere. But so are the challenges of working with large datasets and geographic projections. In this informal BoF session, you can meet fellow OSGeo fans and geo-enthusiasts to share recent struggles and experiences.”

Some of the poster are available in PDF format. Unless otherwise noted on the posters themselves, they are published under a CC BY 3.0 license.