We have made pre-reservations in the following hostels and hotels for you. Please make sure you book your accommodation in time, as June is a busy month in Potsdam. The hotels will end pre-reservations for our guests mid of April, 2019. Please make sure you book before!

Please note: To have access to our special conditions please name the code “RSE Konferenz 2019” with your reservation (via email or telephone). Also, name your institution or university, then you don’t have to pay the Potsdam City-Tax.

Hotel Pre-reservation Dealine Available Single per night Double per night
HotelBB April 17th 45 rooms 58,- € 68,- €
Bed and Breakfast am Luisenplatz April 15th 10 rooms 95,- € 125,- €
Hotel am Jaegertor April 22nd 10 rooms 158,- € 181,- €
Arcona Hotel April 13th 30 rooms 89,- € 109,- €

For an overview how to get to the venue and of the hotel locations, see Getting there.