Travel grants

deRSE19 travel support

We are able to provide travel support for participants who have difficulties funding their travel to the conference.


If you would like to apply for travel support, please send an email with the subject line “deRSE19 travel support application” to

The email should include:

Applications will be reviewed internally before a decision about funding is made (no recourse to legal action).

Travel support is sponsored by:

Travel grants for contributors from the UK (UKRSE Bursaries)

We award 4 Travel Bursaries of max. £500 each to contributors from the UK.

UKRSE logo

The bursaries have been endowed by the UK Research Software Engineers Association.


To qualify for a UKRSE Bursary, you have to be based in the UK, and have an accepted contribution to deRSE19.

To apply, please send a PDF to with the subject line “UKRSE Bursary”.

The PDF should include:

The deRSE19 Program Comitee will review the applications and make decisions based on aspects of contribution quality, diversity, and financial situation. If there are more positive reviews than bursaries, awards will be drawn randomly (no recourse to legal action).

The deadline for applications has been extended until 30 April 2019. If bursaries remain available after the initial round of decisions, we will accept further applications.

Awardees will be sent further details on acceptance.

Further travel grants

We anticipate the installation of further travel grants, details to follow.