deRSE19 - Call for Sponsors

A sponsorship of deRSE19 is an ideal opportunity to introduce products and services to the young and growing research software community in Germany, and to step up as a champion of the German Research Software Engineering community right from the start.

deRSE19 is the first conference of its kind in Germany. It is modeled after the three successful conferences that took place in the UK over the last three years (, at which sponsors had the possibility to present suitable offers and solutions and products that are relevant for RSEs’ work, and to enter into a dialogue with RSEs and software development groups in research.

Why sponsor deRSE19?

Together with the community of active RSEs, decision makers and research funders, sponsors enable us to build and strengthen the RSE community in Germany.

The support of a conference allows sponsors to access a target group which is essential in the decision-making in terms of usage of tools and services in science and research.

Sponsors have the opportunity to engage directly with the Germany RSE community and connect with the international community through cooperations.

Additionally, sponsors help to establish and promote the role of the Research Software Engineer in Germany and internationally, to convey skills and best practices, to promote a network and prepare everyone involved for the growing importance of software for research.

Sponsors also allow for a more heterogeneous and inclusive conference audience by helping us keep registration fees low through their financial support.

deRSE19’s audience

For deRSE19, we expect a diverse blend of around 200 RSEs, decision makers, research funders, research scholars and Early Career Researchers to attend.

Sponsorship Packages

Platinum €10,000

Allocated - details to follow.

Gold: €7,500 (1x)

Allocated - details to follow.

Silver: €5,0001 (5x)

Bronze: €2,0001 (unlimited)

Poster awards: €600 (1x)

Allocated to GitLab.

Travel grants: €5001 (unlimited)

Support: €5001 (unlimited)


Sponsorship Chair: Stephan Druskat (

  1. Plus 19% VAT (Germany).  2 3 4